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It was like lotion and soap made some super awesome soap babies. L.O.V.E.D. it!


Jade from Bonney Lake, WA about The Orange Owl soaps



The best lip balm that has ever made contact with my lips!


World's First Citrus Splash Junkie - Priyanka from India



I contemplated spreading it on some toast and eating it!


Sarah from Burlington, VT on the Lemon Twist Body Butter



LOVE the soothing aroma which lasted for the entire bath. Thank you for the natural and eco-friendly pampering!


Sohug from Oakland Hills, CA on the Tranquil Ocean Bath Salts



I finally found a soap that I can use to wash my body and face. I used to use a facial cleaner with a long list of ingredients I couldn't even pronounce. Naked Moisturizer soap is organic and leaves my skin fresh and soft!


Pam from Burlington, VT on the Naked Moisturizer Soap


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