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The Natural Nurse Radio Show on the Progressive Radio Network

November 27th, 2012

“How did you get started making all these products?” is the most common questions Akshata is asked. She made her first soap, a beautiful ginger infused one, for an assignment in a Pharmacognosy course she attended when earning her Master of Science degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. This class was taught by Dr. Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D R.N. Dr. Kamhi has been involved in natural medicine since 1973 and there is no stopping her! She is known as The Natural Nurse and works to bring together a body of modern practices and ancient philosophies that use less invasive techniques to enhance wellness. It was an honor to have made my first skincare product for her. Akshata met Dr. Kamhi again at the Natural Products Expo East in September 2012 and was able to show her what that one soap had snowballed in to. She generously invited Akshata to be a guest on her radio show, Natural Nurse and Dr. Z on the Progressive Radio Network. And here it is, their talk about all things skincare - the misuse of the term "all-natural", ingredients to watch out for on labels and research supporting the harmful effects of certain chemical additives in products we use in and on our body.

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